This is a website about Rebecca Marquardt (aka Rebecca Loops) built and maintained by Rebecca Marquardt (Loops), so why don’t I stop talking in the third person and tell you who Rebecca Marquardt (Loops [I]) is [am]? First and foremost I am a self-proclaimed master of parentheses who may or may not use them correctly but definitely uses them.

I was born and raised in Texas (Fort Worth and later Fischer). In high school I played oboe (I ranked 2nd in the whole state, NBD), I sang in three choirs at school, and I was the head drum major of my marching band- the one on a podium who waves her arms around in front of the band and assumes they’re following her tempos.

I earned Bachelors and Masters degrees in music from LSU and the Cincinnati Conservatory and played oboe professionally for a hot second before quitting music to pursue comedy in Chicago. I always wanted to act but was terribly shy as a kid until music helped me gain the confidence I needed to get up in front of people and actually be seen. Thanks Mr. Munsell!

In Chicago I studied and performed comedy at Second City, iO, the Annoyance, and too many dive bars. I did the acting conservatory at Black Box Academy, a program that really shaped me as an artist and a person. I played about ten different instruments in four or five different cover bands, including a badass all-lady rock cover band and a Violent Femmes tribute band (my terrifying debut and final (to date) performance as a “lead” guitarist).

After nearly eight years honing my work as a stage performer in Chicago, I packed up and moved to New York. Since then I have taught music at School of Rock in Brooklyn, played guitar at kids birthday parties, hosted trivia, and booked my first national tour playing the host of Odd Squad LIVE!, a ridiculously funny show for kids that let me improvise with audience members.

I also do a cappella covers of popular songs on a looper. Supporters have said my act is, “Unexpectedly dope,” that I have “a teacher vibe, but the teacher you really liked,” and, “It’s like Amy Poehler and Tina Fey gave birth to an awkward mom baby.” Non-supporters (what the kids call haters) have said, “This is ridiculous,” “Nope,” and, “I can’t,” though it’s hard to tell if, “I can’t” is positive or negative.