This is a website about Rebecca Marquardt (Loops) built and maintained by Rebecca Marquardt (Loops), so why don’t I stop talking in the third person and tell you who Rebecca Marquardt (Loops (I)) is (am)? First and foremost I am a self-proclaimed master of parentheses who may or may not use them right but definitely uses them a lot.

I was born and raised in Texas (Fort Worth and later Fischer). In high school I played oboe (I ranked 2nd in the whole state!), I sang in a few choirs at school, and I was the head drum major of my marching band (the one on a podium who waves her arms around in front of the band and assumes they’re following her tempos).

I earned Bachelors and Masters degrees in music from LSU and the Cincinnati Conservatory and played oboe professionally for a hot second before quitting music entirely to pursue comedy in Chicago (I always wanted to act but was terribly shy as a kid, music helped me gain the confidence I needed to get up in front of people and actually be seen- thanks Mr. Munsell!!).

In Chicago I studied and performed comedy at Second City, iO, the Annoyance, and plenty of dive bars. I did the acting conservatory at Black Box Academy, a program that really shaped me as both an artist and a person. I played about ten different instruments in four or five different cover bands, including a badass all-lady rock cover band and a Violent Femmes tribute band (my terrifying debut and final (so far) performance as a “lead” guitarist).

After nearly eight years honing my work as a stage performer in Chicago, I packed up and moved to New York. I taught music at School of Rock in Brooklyn, played guitar at kids birthday parties, hosted trivia, and booked my first national tour playing the host of Odd Squad LIVE!, a ridiculously funny show for kids that let me improvise with audience members.

I’m currently living in Houston to be closer to my family because we’re dealing with some pretty bad shit, but at least we’re doing it together. I spend most of my days tending to the sweetest 6-year-old nephew and most-teenagery-2-year-old niece the world has to offer, and I love every second I get to spend with them. Now that they’re back in school I’m hoping to blog more frequently, and when I have free evenings I’m going to get back to stand-up comedy (because when you’re family is dealing with some pretty bad shit life is FULL of comedy). I also do a cappella covers of popular songs on a looper which is most frequently described as, “It’s like watching your mom rap, but dope.”